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Gemara B’iyun is the backbone of the true Torah learning of Talmidei Chachamim. Our Gemera B’iyun shiurim are designed to help the talmidim gain proficiency in the in-depth thought process of Gemara, Rashi, Tosafot and other Rishonim and Acharonim. It helps the boys master the subtleties and depth of a sugya and gives them capabilities to plumb the depth in a sugya with the guidance of their rebbeim, and prepares them to be able to learn in top yeshivas after high school.

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Our Bekiyut curriculum focuses on completing many dafim and masechtas on their four years in Yeshiva. This will enhance Iyun skills by giving them greater capabilities in reading the Gemara on their own, which is a key tool for life and gives them a greater breadth and scope of many concepts in Shas.


Our Chumash curriculum touches on many parshiot and gives boys the ability to read Chumash, Rashi and Rishonim to see the many Hashkafot that can be gleaned from the Chumash and Meforshim. We cover the key parts of Sefer Bereishit, Shemot and Bamidbar, giving the boys a keen understanding through the Reshonim of the events in the Torah. After four years the talmidim have a vast knowledge and deep appreciation for our enriching Mesorah that stretches back thousands of years. They will have the ability to read many classic Meforshim on their own.

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The MTT Halacha curriculum gives the Talmidim a proficient and clear understanding of a wide range of Halachot. The main focus is learning how to read and understand the Mishnah Berurah and how to apply the words of our great poskim to practical and everyday circumstances. In keeping with our Sephardic heritage an emphasis is made on understanding and analyzing the works of the Ben Ish Chai, Kaf Hachaim, Ohr Letzion, and Harav Ovadya Yosef. The Talmidim also explore the mesorah of Sephardi pesak and hora'ah.

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