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The MTT Science Program focuses on providing a comprehensive knowledge of the core science subject areas of Biology, Earth Science, and Chemistry. The topics are presented in a clear and organized manner and daily worksheets, projector presentations, and hands-on experiments serve to heavily compliment the primary learning process.

The mission of Science education in MTT is to develop students who critically evaluate scientific information related to their everyday lives and possess a lifelong passion for understanding the world around them.

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The MTT Social Studies program focus on providing students with a large breadth of historical knowledge and perspectives. They investigate and evaluate historical and contemporary claims, decisions, and issues. In addition, students are given a strong background in the workings of world economic systems and their effect on everyday citizens. During the Government portion of the curriculum, students receive a clear and inspiring picture of the importance of a well-run political system as well as our role in the democratic process. The above learning experiences serve as a strong foundation for future learning and advancement.

The mission of Social Studies education in MTT is to develop responsible and productive young adults who will be capable of understanding political, social and economic issues based on a wide breadth of socioeconomic and historic knowledge.


Students in the MTT ELA program are exposed to a variety of literary texts ranging from early medieval sources to the modern day. Students read significant works of short story fiction and novels. Shorter writing assignments are given at frequent intervals and range from literature analysis to experience-based creative endeavors. Through an in-depth analysis of the texts, the students gain an appreciation of varied writing styles as well as core reading comprehension skills.

The mission of English Language Arts education in MTT is to cultivate literate citizens who think critically, write clearly, communicate effectively, and read with understanding and appreciation.

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The MTT Math Program follows the NYS Common Core curriculum for 9th, 10th and 11th grades. Material is presented in a highly structured manner that allows for a high level of student comprehension across multiple ability levels. Classes are structured in a manner that emphasizes and allows for active learning. Through this methodology, the student achieves mathematical procedural mastery as well as an appreciation of the conceptual reasoning underlying the various subject areas.

The mission of Mathematics education in MTT is to develop mathematically literate students who have conceptual understanding and procedural fluency. This should promote their ability to problem solve, think critically, and make informed and ethical decisions based on an organized thinking process.

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